Erotic Turkish Films History - The Female Players - Alev Altin, The Turkish Traci Lords

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Erotic Turkish Films History - The Female Players - Alev Altin, The Turkish Traci Lords
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Erotic Turkish Films History - The Women Players - Alev Altin, The Turkish Traci Lords

Altin's very early professional-life is evocative American adult movie star Traci Lords (b. May 7, 1968) -- that made her initial X-rated motion picture at the under-age of 16. However unlike Lords (whose fully grown great looks still attract attention in soft-porn activity flics) , Altin died young.

Without a fleck of official film school training, Altin obtained her initial (recognized) motion picture break in a walk-on role -- playing a bosomy non-speaking sweater-girl in the non-erotic movie Baldiz; Sister-in-Law (which starred matinee idolizer Kadir Inanir as well as the lavish young M├╝jde Ar) in 1975.